June 2, 2023

Does your dog try to sit when on a walk? Here’s why

There are few issues in your pooch’s global that lead them to happier than going on a stroll with their favorite puppy guardian. They cherish this valuable time the place they may be able to stroll, run, and play video games with their house owners and recharge their batteries. But on some events or many, puppy house owners are befuddled to to find their puppy partners ‘sitting’ steadily whilst on their stroll somewhat than being enthusiastic about it. Well, if your dog has been sitting an excessive amount of as an alternative of strolling, there may well be many causes in the back of it. (Also learn: 5 necessary dog strolling guidelines everybody will have to know)

“There are many reasons why dogs, both big and small, ‘plant’ themselves at a location during their walks and refuse to move. One of the most common reasons is that the dog needs a break or a moment to energise itself again,” says Sakshi Bawa, founder, Mutt Of Course, and puppy mother to Coco and Magic. (Also learn: Is it secure to let your dog lick your face)


If your dog isn’t used to longer walks, or will get drained simply, it’s completely k for them to take a short time to recharge.

“It is important for pet parents to listen to their dogs, and understand their body language to know of the concerns because you may notice that your pets plant themselves more during hot weather conditions. This is simply their way of saying that they are overheating or they have had enough of the walk,” says Bawa.


Many puppy oldsters finally end up pampering their pets to the level that they throw a tantrum when their want isn’t granted. Like some smaller breeds broaden this addiction of having picked by means of their oldsters and so they sit down to hope they’re going to whole the remainder of the stroll within the convenience in their guardian’s fingers.

“In addition to being tired, stopping and refusing to walk is also a habit that might get developed in some dogs due to over pampering. One often sees pet parents picking up smaller breeds when they get tired, eventually leading to a situation where they end up training the dog to stop and sit just to wait until they are picked up. Whatever the reason might be, if your dog stops while walking, you must try and understand the reason behind it and take appropriate action,” says Bawa.

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