November 29, 2023

‘Army on the Rocks’, BTS’ Jungkook extends fan video call to get drink tutorial

Here’s to Jungkook! Armys have taken this far more critically. Ever since Jungkook expressed his want to proportion a drink along with his fandom, the reaction has been overwhelming. We are smartly mindful that BTS’ Jungkook is going above and past to be certain that his fanatics are satisfied, and this time used to be no other. He stunned everybody through extending the length of a video dialog with a fan handiest to get a tutorial on how to make a distinct drink. The Standing Next to You singer who loves experimenting with beverages, could not face up to diving into the studying revel in.

BTS' Jungkook(x)
BTS’ Jungkook(x)

BTS Star stretches fan Call to shake up special drinks

Holding an imaginary glass in his hand, the golden maknae of BTS, looked excited as the fan on video call went on to show her recipe to milkis cocktail. Each fan had a minute to speak with the Golden crooner during the video call, per the regulations. But when the timer was about to go off during her call, Jungkook gestured to carry on talking, saying he was curious to know what would happen.

When Jungkook wanted to have a drink with Armys

The fan said “Jungkook once said he wants to have a drink w/ Armys so I began making milkis cocktail. Right then the staff said we have to end the video call b/c the time’s over however JK mentioned “Hold on. This is actually vital,” and mentioned he’d do it when he’s on reside”

As video fan call occasions approached, fanatics have been excited to see Jungkook reside one on one. Prior to the album’s free up, BIGHIT Music introduced that 60 fortunate fanatics can be selected and given an opportunity to have a video call consultation with the golden maknae. Fans from everywhere the global shared particular moments Jungkook as the extremely awaited match started on November 18.

Each new video from a Jungkook video call appeared to be some other superb addition to their interactions that reflected the ones of absolute best buddies characteristics. From teasing him through dressed in his well-known Bon Voyage meme T-shirt to going all ‘bro’ taste and asking him to imitate his early life pics, the consultation used to be certainly a nice wonder for the complete fandom.