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Xbox Live Arcade: What Did You Expect From Your Xbox?

Xbox Live Arcade :

Xbox Live Arcade has been a complete and utter mess for many of those who have signed up for their free trials. The reason for the problems is due to the lack of communication between the developers and their clients. They are constantly being told by the developers that things will be fine but in fact the opposite is true.

How The System Works:

The worst part about all this is that there are some people who actually do not understand how the system works and end up getting into problems when they try to sign up for a trial of XBLA. Some people do not even bother to go on to download it because they are scared that they might find something bad hidden in the game.

Constant Crashes:

Xbox Live Arcade has become so problematic over the last couple of years. People have been complaining about the game crashes, constant crashes that come after the initial launch of the system. In fact most people do not even know that there are such problems with the system because they do not feel that they need to contact the developers of XBLA for any help.

Blaming The Xbox Live Arcade Developers:

Most of the time, people end up blaming the Xbox Live Arcade developers themselves for all these problems. This is because most developers do not give the users the required support that they need and therefore they end up facing a lot of problems. There have been cases where people end up having their personal information stolen. This is something that people simply cannot ignore.

Published Without Proper Testing:

There have been cases where the games have been published without proper testing. They would usually use bugs and other exploits that can cause them to have an unfair advantage over the other players.

The fact that XBLA :

The fact that XBLA has become so problematic has made people stop signing up for their free games. This means that most people do not get to play their favorite games because they cannot afford the monthly fees that they have to pay. In order for them to be able to enjoy the games that they want to play they need to pay their monthly fee.

Cannot Afford The Monthly Fees:

Xbox Live Arcade has been so bad that some people have even been forced to uninstall the system. It is obvious that they cannot afford the monthly fees and the Xbox Live Arcade has been a complete and utter disaster. In fact, some people have had to get rid of their systems because they just do not want to use it anymore.

Complete And Utter Disaster:

Xbox Live Arcade has been such a complete and utter disaster that I am sure that it would have ended up with a complete shutdown before the holidays. if the system was not going down every day.

So, it is clear that Xbox Live Arcade has been a complete and utter disaster for everyone that has used it. So, what happened?

Xbox XBLA games:

Well, one of the reasons for the Xbox Live Arcade becoming so much trouble is that Microsoft has not provided proper support to its users. The problem is that Microsoft has not provided the users with adequate support so that they can solve their problems quickly and efficiently.

Microsoft Has Been Trying To Make Money:

Therefore, Microsoft has been trying to make money out of its users by selling its games. People who are constantly running into problems with the system are not willing to buy new games from Microsoft because of this reason.

However, Microsoft does not want people to stop using their system so they have started to implement measures that will prevent people from having problems with XBLA. This means that the XBLA games will be harder to find.

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