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Will the Football Leaks Trial Start in Portugal?

Football Leaks Trial In Portugal :

The Football Leaks trial in Portugal could very well be one of the biggest in recent times. This is because there are so many people involved and so many people are potentially at risk. A few of those at risk include football officials, journalists and even team coaches. These are all important figures in the game that are expected to be unbiased in their reporting.

Media Is Controlled By An Entire Political Party:

The media in this country is controlled by an entire political party and therefore most of the important individuals involved in this scandal have been silenced or even killed. In most cases these individuals are very high profile in their position and their lives could be in danger. We all know how dangerous it is to be associated with a corrupt government and this is a clear indication that the current regime has an interest in controlling the media.

Several Important Figures Silenced For Reasons:

In order to get to the bottom of the Football Leaks trial in Portugal we need to start looking at the people involved. It is my contention that there are several important figures that have been silenced for reasons unknown. One of these people is the prime suspect behind the leaking of this information and the other is probably the biggest mole yet.

Plenty Of Accusations Of Corruption:

This major player is the head of the Portuguese football federation, Ricardo Teixeira. There have been plenty of accusations of corruption in the past against him but so far he has managed to remain unscathed. Why then is he being investigated for something that was not his fault?

Teixeira :

The answer to this question is that Teixeira may be in way over his head and is overextending himself. He has already announced that he will step down as the president of the Portuguese federation. If he does this, he may have little say in any future decisions which could affect the football industry here. I am sure that the other officials will still report to him but they will no longer be under his authority.

Coach Of The National Team:

In addition to being the head of the federation Teixeira is also the coach of the national team. This is another very important position and one that we do not know who the next coach will be. It is my view that this is just going to lead to more problems. If one of the coaches in this team gets a lot of criticism from the press and from the public, the coach is going to try to get away from this country and move onto greener pastures.

He Is Unable To Take Any Action:

Another thing that we know is that the coach will have to quit on his own because he will be unable to take any action against a person who has leaked the information. This means that he will be able to escape with whatever information that he has.

Government Stopping Football Leaks Trial In Portugal:

It may sound far-fetched but there is a strong chance that this sports corruption could result in a court case for sports fraud. This is why the government is very interested in stopping the Football Leaks trial in Portugal. If the authorities win their case, they may end up getting the head of the Portuguese football federation as well as the prime suspect.

Huge Legal Bills:

If the Portuguese government can prove that the person who leaked the information was a sports fraud it will open up a whole new can of worms. Then the soccer industry here would be left with huge legal bills and a bad taste in the mouth. Of course there is always the chance that these officials will be found innocent.

He Is Proven Innocent:

A good way to think about this type of situation is to consider what the person that leaked the information will get if he is proven innocent. The person who leaked the information will have to leave the country and possibly become homeless. He will no longer have a job and will be at the mercy of the press. The person that has leaked the information will never get paid and will be unable to travel abroad for work.

Is this going to be a big mess for the country? You decide. The government must take action to protect the integrity of the sport and the players. The sooner they can stop this the better.

Greatest Presidents :

The two greatest Presidents to ever hold the office of the Presidency, Martin Luther King and Richard Nixon, could not have chosen a worse time to try to find a solution to the racial divide that is now so prevalent in the United States. If they had, it's unlikely that either of them would have survived in office. Their decision to make contact with the leaders of the predominantly black community in Ferguson and Kenosha: How two Presidents responded to civil unrest made the mistake of attempting to do more of the same things that failed the last time these leaders met with black citizens in their respective cities.

Two Presidents Responded To Civil Unrest:

Both Nixon and King made the mistake of trying to use words in order to communicate their intentions to the people in Ferguson and Kenosha: How two Presidents responded to civil unrest by trying to get the attention of the media. This strategy worked at first, but it didn't last long because the media failed to give them the credit they deserved. They had no real power over the media and their message of "racial harmony" was quickly forgotten. Even today, the media still fail to give their full attention to the issues facing this country; especially when it comes to race and crime.

Really Talk About Problems Facing Black Americans:

The best thing that either of these two Presidents could have done to address the racial divide that is prevalent in our country was to sit down and really talk about the problems facing black Americans from the police shootings, racial profiling, economic and educational injustice and other issues. Unfortunately, this would have been a very big step in the right direction, but it wouldn't have resolved all of the underlying issues.

All Americans Are Responsible For Their Own Fate:

Nixon and King chose to use words in order to communicate their intentions to the citizens of their cities. They would not have come so far off base if they would have simply opened up their minds and talked about how all Americans are responsible for their own fate and how they can affect change in their communities. They would have realized that all Americans do have the same opportunities in life, but everyone needs to make sure that they take full advantage of those opportunities. They wouldn't have made the mistake of saying that if they were President they would be able to solve the problems that their cities face. and Nixon and King would also not have made the mistake of trying to give out free money in order to give a handout to their constituents.

We Need To Do Some Serious Soul Searching:

If the United States of America truly wants to find solutions to the problems of Ferguson and Kenosha, then we must first admit that we need to do some serious soul searching. in our nation and start seeing the bigger picture. We must start looking at all of the problems that our country faces and work towards solving all of them instead of just focusing on one aspect of a problem. I don't think the United States of America is ready to do that, yet many of us still don't seem to realize it.

We Focus On Looking Present And Future Generations:

It is easy for the people of Ferguson and Kenosha to forget what happened there or even care too much what has happened to those areas. That is why people should not look to our past Presidents to help us with that part of the equation. We need to focus on looking at our present and future generations to see what we have lost and what we have done to fix our problems.

Nixon Nor King Wanted To Contact With Leaders:

One thing that we must always remember is that neither Nixon nor King wanted to make contact with the leaders in Ferguson and Kenosha. Nixon and King had already made up their mind when they met with those two representatives. That is not going to change, but we must take an honest look at the present and the future of our country. and work towards making sure that we are looking at the problems in the most honest manner.

We Continue To Improve Problems That Not Occur Again:

Ferguson and Kenosha need to remain stable, peaceful areas where all people live peacefully. However, that means we need to address some of the problems that we have created within the area. We must also continue to improve upon those problems to ensure that it does not occur again. If we do that, then I think we will be able to turn Ferguson and Kenosha into a place that is completely different than it was before. and hopefully we will learn a lesson here as well.

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