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Transgender Woman Shot Dead in Pakistan

A Transgender Woman

Gul Panra was reportedly shot dead in Peshawar, Pakistan. She was reportedly shot six times while waiting at a traffic signal in Peshawar. This is the third reported killing of a Transgender woman in Pakistan.

Very Well Known Among Other:

She was one of the few known members of a Transgender community in Peshawar. She was a member of the Gurdasaran (Goddesses) who are identified as transsexuals. She had been living in the country since the early 1990s and she was very well known among other members of the Gurdasaran community.

An Advocate For The Rights:

The transgender was known to be an advocate for the Rights of Transgender. She was one of the few transgender people who openly criticized the anti-transgendered violence in the country. She was also very active in the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan's activities against gender discrimination.

Attacked By Different Groups:

The Transgender women have been attacked by different groups for the last few years in Pakistan, especially in the cities like Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar. They have been denied entry into public buildings, denied service in restaurants, have been verbally abused in shopping malls and have faced threats from different groups.

The Transgender population:

The transgender population has increased considerably in the last ten years or so. As per the latest estimates by the Population Commission of Pakistan, there are about ten to twelve thousand transgender people living in the country.

Rights Are Highly Debated:

The Transgender community and transgender rights are highly debated in Pakistan. On the one hand, it is a majoritarian country where Islam is considered to be the national religion, and on the other hand, there are several non-conforming religious groups which have a strong social influence in the society.

Equal Rights:

There are various other transgender people who live in rural areas and the Government of Punjab have taken up many initiatives to provide them with equal rights. Some of them are given government jobs and they also receive some monetary support. They cannot access some important places such as hospitals and colleges. Some of them are denied even access to the bathroom inside the house because of their houses.

The Transgender Member

The transgender member was reportedly shot dead in Peshawar. She was one of the few known members of the Transgender community in the city and was identified as Gul Panra. who was shot dead on Tuesday morning in Peshawar?

Police Has Registered A Case:

According to some reports, a man named Imran ran to the police and filed a complaint after hearing a bullet fired through the window of his house. The police has registered a case and the investigating officer said that the person who was killed was the head of the transgender rights committee.

Many Supporters Who Are Fighting For:

The Transgender person has many supporters who are fighting for the Transgender cause in the society. In addition, the Transgender person also has her own committee.

According to some reports, when Gul Panra was shot, her friend and family members were at home. She is a popular member of the Transgender community.

Prominent Transgender Activists:

According to one news channel, Gul Panra was one of the prominent transgender activists in Peshawar and has been working for the Rights of Transgender in the city. In Pakistan.

According to the reports, the transgender woman has been identified as a member of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. The Transgender community in Peshawar is the biggest political lobby group.

Conservative Society:

The Transgender community in Pakistan is considered a marginal group by the conservative society and has always been in a constant struggle for the rights of the transgendered people. In fact the transgender people had been considered to be the backward communities.

Build Bridges Between All The Religions:

The transgender persons had always been trying to help the communities and to build bridges between all the religions and civilizations of different parts of the world. They were also trying to create awareness among the people.

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