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The Difference Between Edge and Internet ?

Difference Between Edge and Internet :

Microsoft Edge is an open-source web browser developed by the Microsoft Corporation. It was originally released for Windows 7 and Xbox One in March 2020, followed by Android and iOS in early 2020, for Linux in late year of the same year, and for MacOS in late July of this year. The latest version of Microsoft Edge has recently been released, Microsoft Edge Version 15.0.

Innovative Developer's Browser:

Microsoft Edge comes in three versions. The free Microsoft Edge software is considered to be the "innovative developer's browser" as it has many unique features and functionalities. This browser does not utilize Microsoft's own Windows operating system, but it does run on a number of other open-source operating systems including Linux, OpenBSD, and FreeBSD. The developer preview version, Microsoft Edge Version 15.1, was released in December of 2020.

Number Of Advanced Features:

Microsoft Edge also provides a number of advanced features, some of which are similar to the ones found in Firefox. For example, Microsoft's browser includes a fast JavaScript engine that is able to render web pages with much more speed and performance than many others. The browser also supports a wide range of plug-ins that help the user navigate websites more easily.

While Microsoft Edge :

While Microsoft Edge is not intended to replace Internet Explorer, there are many similarities between Microsoft Edge and Microsoft's browser. Both browsers feature a "zoomed in" browsing mode, a multi-tabbing mode, and a history bar on the browser's address bar. The history bar also makes it possible to navigate through your web browsing history quickly and easily, which is something that Firefox does not offer. Microsoft Edge also includes a built-in search engine that is capable of searching Google, Bing, Yahoo, and a number of other popular search engines.

Silver Light Technology:

The major difference between Microsoft Edge and the mainstream browsers on the market today is the way in which the browser renders pages and what it displays when you use a web-search in the browser. Internet Explorer renders web pages using the Microsoft's Silver light technology. This technology allows websites to integrate with the Windows platform as well as other browser tools such as Internet Explorer, but not to have a direct connection with the Microsoft operating system. With Microsoft Edge, web pages that are viewed within the browser are rendered with a new rendering engine, known as the Microsoft's Hyper-V technology, which allows them to be viewed on top of the Microsoft's Windows operating system as if they are downloaded using the Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer Renders Web Pages:

However, the biggest difference between Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer is the way in which the browser renders pages. Internet Explorer renders web pages using a server-side scripting language called ASP. This is similar to the syntax used for making web pages on the Microsoft server-side operating systems. As long as you have a web browser that is compatible with Microsoft's Silver light technology, you can read web pages that are made by Internet Explorer. But because these web pages are loaded into a separate web server and not directly onto your computer, you are not able to view the pages directly on your computer, but only view them when you use the browser's browser options.

The Server-Side Code:

Microsoft Edge, however, utilizes a completely different technology called HTML5. The reason why this is the case is due to the fact that the browser's HTML is being sent along with your requests instead of being rendered directly on the server-side. Instead, this new technology is used to make sure that each request is sent to the server, where the website's server-side code is processed to send the HTML that is rendered on your browser. Instead of making your browser to process the HTML by hand, it simply sends the request to the server-side and then the server-side code is used to process the HTML. Microsoft claims that its JavaScript engines, known as JavaScript engines, are faster than the competition.

Huge Advantage:

This may seem like a relatively minor distinction to most people, but it is actually a huge advantage. Since all of your web requests are being processed by the same server-side code, a website that takes five seconds to render is actually processing the same requests with just one second of time.

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