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Marcus Rashford Wants To Help and Break The Cycle Of Hardship

Break The Cycle Of Hardship :

Manchester United is reportedly interested in signing Marcus Rashford, despite his youth. The teenager has been touted as one of the best young players this season and is certainly doing what he can to stay there - after all, it's only a summer for him.

Confident With Himself:

Marcus Rashford is at ease at Manchester United, despite his young age. He is confident with himself and is doing his part to help the club.

Young Marcus Rashford started very well for Man United, and his performance earned him a call-up to the England squad. In that game against Spain, he had a few fantastic chances but failed to make a positive contribution on the pitch.

Lack Of Confidence Are Holding Him Back:

It is clear from his performances that this is the case, and that his lack of confidence are holding him back in terms of making a long-term impact at Old Trafford. As such, Rashford wants to learn more about his team-mates, as well as his manager.

Become A First-Choice Player Under Jose Mourinho:

If he does become a first-choice player under Jose Mourinho, it will provide a much-needed boost for Rashford, who will feel as if he has been given another chance. When Jose Mourinho was appointed as Manchester United manager, there was a great deal of hype surrounding him, with many fans expecting him to take United to the top of the Premier League.

Rashford Impressed At Half-Time :

So far, Rashford is yet to start a Premier League game for Manchester United, but he did play a key role in their victory over West Bromwich Albion on Sunday. Rashford was given a start in place of Wayne Rooney, who had suffered an injury.

Rashford impressed at half-time, and was one of the main reasons why United beat their bitter rivals on Sunday. This shows that there is still much to come from Rashford, and that he is eager to prove that he deserves a place on the England team.

Determined To Learn From His Mistakes:

Marcus Rashford is eager to impress his coach, and manager, and is determined to learn from his mistakes. so that he can build up a strong enough foundation to play regularly for Man United in the future.

What A Good Defender He Is:

The young forward has to firstly show what a good defender he is by showing how he coped with West Brom's Craig Dawson in the match. Rashford has had some awful games in his young career, and he knows that this will not stand in his way if he is to become an ever-present at United.

Starting XI Playing Regularly :

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the performances of Rashford in the past, and most of that will come off as being over-the-top from United fans who want to see him playing regularly for the club. They have made a habit of signing players who cannot get into the starting XI, only to have them fail miserably for some reason or other.

Work Extremely Hard To Break That Cycle Of Negativity:

Rashford will have to work extremely hard to break that cycle of negativity, and prove that he can play in the Premier League and win at Old Trafford. It will take time for him to earn his place on the bench, but the signs are promising so far.

His Ability To Win Games Against The Best Sides:

Marcus Rashford has to show his ability to win games against the best sides in the world, and is expected to be a key part of Manchester United's hopes for success next season. His form in the first months has been excellent, and he has proved that he is capable of leading a side to success.

His Confidence On The Pitch:

United should be happy to see him perform like he is. He needs to show his confidence on the pitch, and be confident that he can provide a vital boost to United. If he is not doing this right now, then his confidence could be holding him back from a longer period of success with the club.

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