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African Culture, History and Tradition - The African Week in Pictures Exhibition

Africa's Week In Pictures:

28 August-3 September 2020 is the African continent's first multi-week cultural exhibition, bringing together artists from different countries of Africa. It is designed to celebrate and bring across the African community and to encourage more cultural exchanges between countries.

Rich History And Rich Culture:

The African cultural calendar, which covers a period of almost three thousand years, is known for its rich history and rich culture. It has become an integral part of the African Diaspora, with thousands of people from different countries of Africa visiting each others countries on a regular basis. This week-in-pictures festival invites African artists to showcase their talent on a special display board that will showcase their artwork to the world. It is also a time for African people to come together in celebration of the continent's unity and freedom and also to celebrate African culture and tradition.

Artistic Talents Across The Continent:

The theme of this week in pictures exhibition is "Artistic Freedom in the African Context" which will highlight a variety of artistic talents across the continent in the context of their respective countries' culture, history and traditions. The exhibition takes place at the Westgate Africa Gallery in Cape Town, South Africa.

Artistic Freedom In The African Context:

Artists working on this week-in-pictures exhibition include African actors, musicians and dancers who are making a name for themselves in the West as well as abroad. There will be live performances by top-notch artists such as Tony Anoki, Youssou N'Dour, Idrissa Guede, Leyton Jaine, Joesph Mnisi and others.

Award Winning African Series:

The exhibition will feature artists who have been invited to Africa by the South African government. Among these artists are Anoki, whose work is featured on the world-famous Walkley Award winning African series; Guede, whose works are renowned around the world; and Mnisi, a highly acclaimed singer, painter and dancer who made his name as an award-winning musician. Other notable artists who have been invited to the event are singer-songwriters Kebede Ndereba and Albert Samuels, African dance group Afro Celtes, and music artist and DJ Pauline Oliveros.

Musicians And Dancers:

Other prominent performers at the African event include African performers, musicians and dancers such as: Ashoka Mfumi, Mutsumi Kibanga, John-David Thomas, Ashoka Molefe, Mwandaji Fatsimane, Chukwata Molefe, Tunde Molefe, Zalame Okello and others. There will also be workshops and talks at the Westgate African Gallery, where the audience can experience the best of Africa's dance and performance art. to get an insight into the cultural heritage of the African continent.

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